Supplier Equality Standard

Our market leading Supplier Equality Standard (SES) is based on a repository of best practice which eminates from the National Equality Standard (NES) framework. Its purpose is to measure both DEI and sustainability maturity comprehensively across a supply chain and portfolio companies.

We need all the talent we can muster to turbo-charge Britain Plc. The National Equality Standard enables business to unlock pathways for diverse talent to succeed

Lord Simon

Woolley Chair of the No.10 Downing St Race Disparity Unit Advisory Group

The NES provides a recognised national standard in the world of diversity and inclusion for business to reach and then build upon. There can be no doubt that in order to thrive in the global environment it is essential that UK businesses have inclusive working environments

Nicola Rabson

Global Head, Employment & Incentives, Linklaters LLP

The Benefits

The benefits are endless

  • All-encompassing

    A comprehensive standard which assess both DEI and sustainability for supply chains and portfolio companies

  • Solution focused

    Highly adaptable, providing detailed recommendations, across a variety of competencies

  • Efficient practices

    Streamlined assessment process with minimum effort required from participating organisations

  • Advanced technologies

    Utilising the latest survey technology with customisation available on survey content and look & feel

  • Bespoke

    Leveraging a bespoke reporting application, with consolidated reporting across suppliers both at a summary and individual level view

  • Agonistic approach

    Industry agnostic - relevant and applicable regardless of sector and size

  • Experienced

    Unique insight obtained from our breadth of client experience

  • Universal

    Globally applicable registered trademark

Our Approach

Designed to be accessible

The SES assessment is conducted in our online tool, designed to be accessible and provide you with clear insights:


  • You will receive a link to the DEI assessment platform from EY and send this to all of your suppliers who will be part of the review. Alternatively EY can manage the process on your behalf and share the assessment link with the suppliers directly.

  • 2

  • Supplier companies complete the assessment and provide supporting documentation.

  • 3

  • EY teams reviews the supporting documentation and prepares the final summary report.

  • 4

  • You will receive a supplier rating on the core competencies along with benchmarking and recommendations if required. The findings will be summarised in a report, including 1-page summary report for each supplier.

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Supplier equality standard

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