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Our approach to supporting businesses with DEI priorities is grounded in utilising our repository of best practice, as well as working in partnership with organisations in a collaborative way, to design and deliver impactful DEI programs and insightful bespoke employee training. We have a track record of delivering powerful inclusion listening and learning programmes, both face-to-face and virtually, for multiple organisations of all sizes across all sectors.

We are immensely proud of the National Equality Standard and the impact that it has had on our clients’ approach to diversity and inclusion.

Justine Campbell,

Managing Partner for Talent EY

In business, diversity shouldn’t be viewed through the lens of social justice – it is a powerful driver of every company’s Holy Grail – competitive advantage.

Ken Olisa

The benefits

The benefits are endless

  • Contemporary solutions

    Our training and DEI programs explore current DEI topics that are important for building inclusive cultures

  • Tailored training

    We provide specific training for leaders and individuals in key roles, such as those involved in recruitment and promotion, where bias should be carefully managed.

  • Solution focused

    The DEI e-learning focuses on the benefits of inclusive workplaces and the key challenges that may arise. It also provides thought-provoking insights on how to create genuine change within the organisation.

  • Interactive training

    The DEI eLearning includes interactive scenarios and videos with varied questioning techniques and activities.

  • Personalised teaching

    Training content can be tailored to a client’s unique sector and business challenges.

Our Approach

Designed to be accessible

Through the training that we deliver, we ensure that organisations gain a deep and practical understanding of how to manage their talent in an inclusive way and achieve positive DEI outcomes. An example of one of our practical approaches to building DEI action through training is outlined below:


1. Guidance for Managers

Build upon the e-learning and the leadership training content to provide managers the tools to lead conversations around inclusion with their teams This encourages the embedding of the training in a meaningful and practical way for individual teams. Through applying it to their day-today activities, this will help to practise their new skills and refine understanding.

2. Inclusive Leadership

Applying emerging DEI research and industry best practice to help leaders understand key issues and the best way to approach them. Using scenarios, interactive activities and role plays which are relevant to the unique business challenges, evaluate the success of the inclusive leadership strategies, share techniques and coaching on behavioural changes

3. e-Learning

Using interactive scenarios, videos and varied questioning techniques to introduce the fundamental principles of inclusivity. The e-learning can focus on the benefits of inclusive workplaces, key challenges that may be faced and provide thought provoking insights on how to create genuine change. The content will be tailored to the unique sector and business challenges

4. Webinars

Introduce several key principles of inclusive leadership derived from leading research to build momentum for practical action. This comprises of participants being led through a series of practical activities to build understanding. Following this, each participant can define a measurable inclusion strategy to implement their respective teams.

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