New RICS ‘state of profession’ report benchmarks property industry on diversity

July 26, 2022

Building Inclusivity, a new report looking at all aspects of diversity and inclusion in the land, property and construction sector, and analysing how the property industry currently measures up, has been launched today at the RICS Diversity and Inclusion Conference in London.

The data analysed by Ernst & Young (EY) and to be used as an industry benchmark going forward, shows that currently nearly half of SMEs in the UK’s property industry are not monitoring the gap between male and female pay; that ethnic minorities continue to be underrepresented – 23% of respondents who provided data disclosed having a workforce of greater than 90% white/ white British; and that leadership in the sector is still also predominantly white and male. 77% of firms who disclosed leadership gender data reported that less than 30% of their leadership are female and 57% of respondents who provided leadership ethnicity data reported to have a 100% white British leadership.

Data was provided to RICS by firms signed up to RICS’ Inclusive Employer Quality Mark during their yearly self-assessment.  These firms are committed to changing their diversity profile and this survey has produced a vital benchmark from which to track progress and to target those areas that require improvement in the years that follow.

Find out more about our Inclusive Employer Quality Mark

Resolving these issues are key in talent retention, vital for firms in the current skills crisis, and in the Summer of 2016 RICS will be launching an online platform to support firms in closing the gaps identified. The platform will be based on the six principles and will offer a space for sharing best practice and learning from case studies. It will also include key opportunities including relevant training, events and awards.

RICS has a duty and an ambition to be a catalyst for change across the industry. We need to support firms, offering advice and guidance. This is what the IEQM and the results of this report provide.

Through this ground-breaking document, we have the first unique insight into what is actually happening within our workforces – and this evidence will help us work together to foster positive change.