Welcome To The National Equality Standard

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Welcome to the National Equality Standard

The National Equality Standard (NES) is the UK’s leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) standard which was developed, in 2012, in partnership with the UK Government and CBI in collaboration with 20 public and private sector organisations. Over 400 organisations have benefited from a rigorous assessment against the competencies in the NES framework.

The NES provides recommendations supplemented by an action plan, based on an unrivalled repository of best practice which details how to ensure full compliance against the nine legal protected characteristics, to meeting the requirements of an evolving landscape and broader considerations including social mobility and culture. The NES has transformed the DEI landscape as certification is only guaranteed to those organisations who demonstrate the highest levels of DEI proficiency.

Achieving this accreditation, recognises our commitment to diversity. In a world where diversity, equality and standards of ethics are increasingly important. We are very proud to set this benchmark for the property advisory sector.


UK Managing Director at CBRE

The NES is head and shoulders above anything else. Market leading, market changing….

Basil Scarsella

CEO, UK Power Networks

The NES is pragmatic and realistic. It is extremely valuable time well spent in terms of business profitability and performance, and the cost is really quite cheap.


Head of Diversity and Inclusion, EDF Energy

The NES is the most forensic independent diversity audit in the UK.

Dan Brooke

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Channel 4

The benefits

The benefits are endless

Developing your organisational approach to DEI has the potential to positively influence your business in following key aspects:

  • Ability to attract and retain the very best talent

    Candidates are placing a higher value on workplace inclusion than ever before and the digital transformation of all sectors has increased the war for skills. A visibly diverse workforce demonstrates to current and potential future employees that yours is an organisation in which talent from all background can thrive.

  • Manage risk

    DEI related legislation is increasing at home and overseas; whether it is pay gap, Board composition or culture reporting, organisations are required to disclose more than ever before in order to secure their license to operate. Investors and asset managers are also raising expectations of higher DEI as an indicator of effective governance and corporate stewardship.

  • Greater innovation and creativity

    Different perspectives and new ways of working can hatch ideas, solve problems and drive market growth. Diverse and inclusive teams are inherently more able to anticipate and fulfil customer needs and trends.

Value Creation

Typical engagement approach:


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